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Monday, January 26, 2009

John Deeth Blog: Primarying Chuck Grassley?

Excerpted from this post at John Deeth Blog

I know it sounds nuts but let's tune into the guessing game the
internets is playing. It starts with Charlie Cook, who writes: "A
fellow who oversees lobbying in all 50 states for a major corporation
recently told me about a certain Republican U.S. senator up for
re-election in 2010, someone generally regarded as fairly conservative
who might face a serious challenge from a very conservative fellow
Republican." ... Several commentators conclude that it is, indeed, our
own Chuck, with the obvious challenger being Steve King. I'm not
buying it. King's crazy but not stupid, and why would he primary
Grassley two years after walking away from a run against Harkin? But
still: the religious wing of the party doesn't adore Grassley and has
a chip on its shoulder about his fraud investigations touching some
church-scam fundraising.

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