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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Iowa Political Alert: Obama should be more inspiation than answer

Excerpted from this post at Iowa Political Alert

Watching people react to President Barack Obama is both inspiring and
disturbing. Our new president clearly has potential to bring a
cease-fire to at least some the nation's culture wars so we can focus
on the big picture, rally to be ready for the next generation of
competition against India and China. And as someone who has seen
Obama's charisma in person I can report it is as radiant as televised.
During one interview with the Daily Times Herald it was heartening to
hear that Obama himself finds the "American Idol" treatment, a bit
over the top. "There's been some places where people have grabbed us,
and you couldn't get out of the place," Obama told me early in Iowa
Caucuses campaigning, with a laugh. "Here (in Denison), I think,
people were more measured, and I like that."


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