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Friday, January 16, 2009

Iowa Defense Alliance: Repugnant bills of 2009

Excerpted from this post at Iowa Defense Alliance

As Iowans watch the new session of the Iowa House of Representatives
and the Iowa Senate they do so with the expectation that these two
governing bodies will accomplish something. Right now the
accomplishments that Iowans want is to cut state spending, reform our
education system, stimulate the Iowa economy, and many more issues.
From the appearance of some of the bills that have been introduced
into the legislature this year will be no different than years passed.
Apparently our state legislators feel that it is more important to
propose a large quantity of bills versus bills with high quality. As
such I felt that it is the Iowa Defense Alliance's civic duty to
report to you, our readers, the outrageous and irrelevant pieces of
legislation along with highlighting the legislator that has sponsored
the bill.


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