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Friday, January 09, 2009

In Flyover Country: And now for something productive

Excerpted from this post at In Flyover Country

Here's five things we suggest for the new RPI Chairman. 1. Hire a good, professional E.D. Someone who will be loyal to the party as a whole, and who has the executive skills to manage a complicated enterprise like a state Republican party. It's a far more technical job than most people understand, akin to running a medium-sized small business. ... 2. Get the technology right. ... By getting the technology right, we mean the following: expanded party presence across the web with targeted online advertising in an effort to attract like-minded Internet users to a fresh, engaging suite of web properties with dynamic, changing content that is useful. ... 3. Develop some policy chops. This might not be the best thing to handle from inside the party, but don't you think that Iowa could use a major upgrade in center/right policy analysis? ... 4. Recruit great candidates. ... 5. Fix early/absentee voting. We'll probably touch off a debate here among a couple of points of view. One view is that early/absentee voting is simply spending extra money to get votes that you'll already get. The other view is that we're getting our asses kicked by the Democrats. Our view is the latter. You can't get away from the facts.


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