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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Herd on the Hill: State of the State Leaves us in a state

Excerpted from this post at Herd on the Hill

Governor Culver gave his annual State of the State address today,
primarily focusing on disaster relief in Iowa. He even showed a
dynomite video to illistrate the disaster hardships Iowans have faced.
This professional piece of videography leaves us scratching our heads
as to how it was paid for. Hopefully some secret donor was nice enough
to cough up the cash, but that's doubtful. So as some Iowans will
never live in their houses again or see their businesses rebuilt, they
can rest assured that a fancy video documenting their hardships was
made for posterity. Money well-spent, no doubt... Culver also placed a
lot of blame. He blamed the feds for getting us into this economic
mess and in the next breath advocated for teamwork and consensus from
both parties in 2009.


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