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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

FromDC2Iowa: How could we have seen economic disaster coming? Let me count the ways

Excerpted from this post at FromDC2Iowa

Curious as to how we got into this financial mess -- or, otherwise
put, just how many signs there were that it was coming, signs that
were ignored by our public officials and the MBA-educated CEOs who
have left their crime scenes with millions in tow? The University of
Iowa's Jason Cox has compiled 87 pages of names, dates, places and
details of our downward spiral. Jason Cox, "Credit Crisis Timeline,"
The University of Iowa Center for International Finance and
Development (last updated December 3, 2008). It was brought to my
attention by an editorial in the Iowa City Press-Citizen, and is well
worth perusal by anyone seriously interested in "credit crisis"
issues. There is much to admire and be thankful for in our soon-to-be
President Obama, but a willingness to prosecute -- even to
investigate, and document -- the serious, even unconstitutional,
wrongdoing of others is not among his virtues.

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