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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Constitution Daily: Gut check time

Excerpted from this post at Constitution Daily

At 11:00 am central time today, the United States officially swore in
its first socialist president. Most of us are wondering what the first
few policy issues Obama will address are. Will it be the massive
socialist economic stimulus package or repealing Bush's Executive
Order on embryonic stem cells? Or will he use his massive political
capital to force socialized health care down our throats? Maybe he
will just chip away slowly at our rights in order to lull us all into
submission. We have a very tough fight ahead of us starting today –
right now. We don't have to wait for his honeymoon to wear off. We all
know Democrats didn't with Bush. We have to take it at Obama and his
liberal allies with more vigor than the left has ever come at us. We
can't let the public forget about ACORN, Rev. Wright, and Bill Ayers.

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