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Monday, January 05, 2009

Blog for Iowa: Iowa GOP needs (more than a) sound byte

Excerpted from this post at Blog for Iowa

The Republican Party of Iowa Central Committee and a forum of 75 activists and officeholder from around the state have been listening to some ideas from six contenders that would like to succeed Stew Iverson as GOP state chair. If one were to wish that the party continues its march into oblivion, best hope that they will be swayed by the absolutely neat on-message idea suggested by contender Paul Pate, a former Secretary of State and past mayor of Cedar Rapids. As Pate sees it, the debacle suffered in the last election can be attributed to nothing more than a failure in trash talk. Pate told the assembled faithful that "People are getting desensitized to it (the old Democrat tax and spend message) ... What we have to do as a party is come up with that sound byte. That's what it comes down to: What is the sound byte for '09 and 2010?" ... If Republicans cannot get past their favorite mantras and self-centered outlook, like other parties that got hung up on themselves, the GOP will fade into oblivion.


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