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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Popular Progressive: Tom Vilsack not a suitable choice as Ag secretary

Excerpted from this post at Popular Progressive

Barack Obama nominated one of "our own" to his cabinet. But is Tom
Vilsack qualified to be Secretary of Agriculture? If by agriculture
you mean Big Ag, the folks who brought you GMOs, Cloned cattle, and
CAFOs, you betcha. But if you mean agriculture that is sustainable and
healthy, well let's just say Obama could have done a whole lot better
than the Pittsburgh, PA raised Tom Vilsack. According to the Organic
Consumers Association, Vilsack's positions have included the
following: Vilsack has been a strong supporter of genetically
engineered pharmaceutical crops, especially pharmaceutical corn. The
biggest biotechnology industry group, the Biotechnology Industry
Organization, named Vilsack Governor of the Year.

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