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Friday, December 19, 2008

In Flyover Country: The chairman's race: A view from 40,000 ft.

Excerpted from this post at In Flyover Country

Your captains In Flyover Country have been closely monitoring the race for chairman over at RPI. While our air controller picked the wrong day to stop sniffing glue, we're hoping for a soft landing on this one. Congrats to those wanting the job - we respect your willingness to share your vision for this party, and for stepping up to lead. There has been a dearth of leadership lately, and we're glad to see that turning around. Here is the ranking as we see it, as of today: 1. Dark Horse - Krusty provided a great post and ominous picture with his take on this. Currently, with nobody attaining the requisite nine votes to be chairman, something is going to have to break open. We just don't believe there should be this many undecided SCC members at this point. All the men running are known quantities to the members, so clearly they are hoping for someone to break out.


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