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Monday, November 17, 2008

Questions, Comments and Insults: The Iowa comeback

Excerpted from this post at Questions, Comments and Insults

You know... our brand as Republicans, has took a beating. We all know why we are Republicans in the first place right? From personal freedoms, less government, liberty... you all get it. It's a great message. The problem is, we've been out messaged... what seems like a lot lately. Some of it is easy to fix... communication shops and good messengers help. But in many cases, it was bad issues and bad votes from the folks we put in office... makes it a little tough to defend bad votes. Kind of like the "prevent defense" ... which we all know football fans, prevents you from winning. BOLD MESSAGING - This will have to come from our communicators, candidates and incumbents. We are the party of big ideas. Let's go with it. ... AND BEFORE YOU START FOAMING AT THE MOUTH - Stick to the principles… stick to the conservative principles that win... yet be inclusive at the same time.


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