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Monday, November 17, 2008

Hawkeye GOP: The race for RPI chairman

Excerpted from this post at Hawkeye GOP

Two years ago, before I was on the SCC, this blog was anonymous. At that time I expressed my frustration at the SCC when they re-elected Ray Hoffman as party chairman. To make matters worse, rather than report the vote, they kept the vote secret and declared that the election was unanimous. I was so angry, I could not talk to anyone on the SCC for weeks. This time, I am on the SCC and in January we will vote on a new chairman for the party. ... when it comes time to choose a party chair, I am more interested in their plan to rebuild the party than their ideology. I want to hear about candidate recruitment, fund-raising, absentee and early voting programs, and communications with county and grassroots organizations. We have dug a deep hole and we all need to work together to get out of it. As I have promised before, this time, the results of the vote will not be a secret. I will report the results on this blog.


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