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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

God, Politics and Rock 'n' Roll: Where the GOP goes from here, part one

Excerpted from this post at God, Politics and Rock 'n' Roll

President-elect Barack Obama stayed on message throughout the
campaign: he knew that Americans wanted change and he repeatedly
connected John McCain to the Bush years. McCain/Palin knew Americans
also wanted change -- that's why they branded themselves "mavericks"
and McCain distanced himself from President Bush. As I have said on
this blog, I believe McCain ran the absolute best campaign under the
circumstances that he could have run. He was the best GOP candidate
for this race and I don't respect what some pundits have referred to
as "the circular firing squad" that faults his approach. But in the
end, Americans believed a young candidate from the opposition party
was more credible in bringing about change.


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