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Monday, November 03, 2008

FromDC2Iowa: Tuesday night caution and clues

Excerpted from this post at FromDC2Iowa

How late will you have to stay up Tuesday night? Polls can be, and
sometimes have been, misleading. Until either Senator Obama or McCain
goes over 270 electoral votes Tuesday night we won't know for sure who
our next president will be. And no one can predict for sure how late
we'll need to stay up to find out. I share the nervousness of those
pollsters who are a little apprehensive this morning about their
numbers. Partly that's because I've always felt that no election's
over until the votes are counted, litigated if necessary, and the
Electoral College members have cast their votes. Partly that's because
of past experience with youthful and first-time voters who are
enthusiastic at rallies but then fail to vote.

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