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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Bleeding Heartland: How are Democratic voters like Jesus?

Excerpted from this post at Bleeding Heartland

A leading voice of Republican social conservatives in Iowa makes a
surprising analogy in an op-ed piece from Tuesday's Des Moines
Register: "Jesus Christ, whom many Republicans claim to follow,
summoned his followers to be either hot or cold toward Him, because a
"lukewarm" commitment makes Him want to vomit. ... We have followed the
misguided advice of "experts" to abandon our principles and move to
the middle so we can supposedly win." ... That is no fringe politician
talking. It's Bob Vander Plaats, a businessman from northwest Iowa who
ran for the 2002 gubernatorial nomination, was the Republican nominee
for lieutenant governor in 2006, and chaired Mike Huckabee's
presidential campaign in Iowa.

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