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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

24-Hour Dorman: Election Day. Look on the bright side

Excerpted from this post at 24-Hour Dorman

Good things will happen on Election Day, no matter who wins. I swear
it. If McCain Wins: 1. Polling will become the curious sideshow that
it should be, rather than the ceaseless 500-trillion-watt epicenter of
political journalism and the font of all conventional wisdom. And I'm
going to get rich selling "I'm In the Margin of Error" T-Shirts. 2.
Tina Fey will be a heartbeat away for at least four years. ... If Obama
Wins: 1. Wave a fond bye-bye to the 40th Annual Groovy 60s Culture War
and Vietnam Re-enactment Festival. Take down the bummer tents, load up
the micro bus. It's so over. 2. Republicans might actually be forced
to find an election strategy beyond trying to scare the hell out of us
every four years. 3. Joe Biden and lots of open, working microphones.

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