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Thursday, October 09, 2008

John Deeth Blog: Running up the score, part 2

Excerpted from this post at John Deeth Blog

In baseball and politics, wins mean more than runs ... Barack Obama's
got so many electoral votes that he's got some left over for John
Kerry and Al Gore. At least that's what FiveThirtyEight says,
predicting a final electoral vote of 346.8 to 191.2. That .8 must mean
that Lincoln, Nebraska is splitting out its electoral votes by ward or
something. (An exaggeration, but only slightly. Nebraska splits its
votes by congressional district, which is why Omaha has seen both a
Sarah Palin visit and a Barack Obama office grand opening in the past
week.) It looks like the Democrats will win the total electoral votes
of the 2000s decade while "losing" two of the three elections. It's
like the paradox of the electoral college itself; winning the blowouts
doesn't make up for losing the close ones.

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