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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

In Flyover Country: Why the stimulus payments won't work (and didn't work the last two times)

Excerpted from this post at In Flyover Country

Forgive me for deviating from Striker's format, but I think we all
need to take a serious look at what the Democrats are proposing for
their lame-duck session next month. Essentially, the Democrats have a
plan that mirrors President Bush's idea of handing out so-called
"stimulus" checks to bump up the economy. For the same people who
can't stand any of George Bush's ideas, they certainly are embracing
this one fully. And it's too bad, because the first two stimulus
payments didn't work, and these will not either. And before you tell
us the Dow rose over 400 points yesterday on news of the stimulus
payments - trust us, that's just a false inflation - it's a propping
up of a failed system and the markets will eventually settle back down
- perhaps as early as today.


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