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Wednesday, October 08, 2008

In Flyover Country: "That one..."

Excerpted from this post at BLOGNAME

Bad, bad, bad... In a debate completely void of any news whatsoever,
John McCain managed to make a single quote that could go down as a
colossal mistake..."that one." John McCain, largely despondent
throughout the debate, answered one question with a response regarding
a bill that Obama voted for. McCain, while trying to make a point,
simply stated, "You know who voted for that bill? ... That one," and
pointed to Obama, without even looking at him. Not a good move. Not
senatorial. Not presidential. Not a response worthy to a foreign
dictator, let alone a sitting U.S. Senator and your rival for the next
27 days. Lots will be written and said about this debate. Let's hope
pundits fail to see what we did Not McCain's most shining moment,
and we fear could go down as his absolute worst.

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