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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Bleeding Heartland: The race to replace Obama II

Excerpted from this post at Bleeding Heartland

Well, with the election of President Barack Obama (I will never get
tired of typing that) looking more and more like a certainty, it's
time once again to get elbow deep in the muck that is Illinois
politics. In this diary, I'll be taking an updated look at possible
appointees to Obama's Senate seat. A quick reminder of the rules at
play here. The Constitution states that a congress person must be at
least 30, a citizen for at least 9 years prior to entering the Senate,
and must live in the state they represent. Beyond that, there are no
rules. Governor Rod Blagojevich can appoint whoever he likes to the
position, without having to have that pick voted on or vetted by
anyone. So here are my odds on who the pick will be: 2-1: Jesse
Jackson Jr. (D-IL)

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