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Monday, September 29, 2008

Popular Progressive: Paying taxes worse than investing in the stock market?

Excerpted from this post at Popular Progressive

The stock market is predicated by the idea that, for most of us, good
investments come from patiently riding out waves of the market and, of
course, buying stock at low prices and selling it when the price is
high. This is a voluntary activity, though, in fairness, more and more
employment retirement programs are being tied to it. Paying taxes, on
the other hand, is not a voluntary activity. In fairness, we get a lot
of good stuff from our taxes: schools, medical research, streets and
highways, mass transit, and, oh, a social safety net, to name a few.
However, it also pays for weapons of mass destruction, bailing out
corporations, rewarding the richest of us, and more. The say we have
in this is limited to voting for (and cajoling thereafter) candidates
who best represent our views. Note that investing in the stock market
is participating in a lightly (apparently) regulated free market,
while paying taxes is a result of representative democracy.


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