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Monday, September 29, 2008

Iowa Independent: Hubler says Navy service informs his candidacy

Excerpted from this post at Iowa Independent

Serving aboard a nuclear submarine in the 1960s, Rob Hubler and his
fellow crew members received word that war with the Soviet Union had
started, that their arsenal was to be released on the enemy. After
following through the missile launch, the crew of the submarine
pondered what they had done -- not knowing that it was only a drill,
that no nuclear warheads were in the sky ready to rain death,
destruction and Armageddon. In the middle of the ocean, with the true
nature of their assignment kept under wraps so top brass could obtain
realistic results, Hubler and his submariner buddies thought a nuclear
war was happening above. "We sat there for 45 minutes knowing everyone
we knew was dead," said Hubler, 65, a Council Bluffs Democrat who is
running for Iowa's Fifth Congressional District against U.S. Rep.
Steve King, R-Iowa.


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