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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Battleground Iowa: TouchPlay by any other name is still the same

Excerpted from this post at Battleground Iowa

Let's make up a conspiracy theory. Ah ... the memories. Suppose there
were people who wanted to bring back Touchplay-like gambling to Iowa.
Suppose these people included state legislators who miss that gambling
revenue and want to find a way to take more money from some poor
suckers who can barely afford their mortgage, food for their kids, and
cigarettes for themselves (thanks to that pesky tobacco tax). Oh yes,
cigarettes. Those are another problem for these hypothetical state
legislators. You see, despite the fact that the smoking ban is hugely
popular with the general public, there is a vocal minority throwing a
hissy fit over the smoking ban. After all, if you're going to a bar to
kill your liver, you might as well damage your lungs as well. How on
earth can we fix these two problems? How can we get back some of that
gambling revenue and placate those loud-mouth idiot bar owners at the
same time?


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