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Friday, August 29, 2008

Reaction to McCain's pick of Alaska Gov. Palin as running mate

Iowa's newz liter: Democrats Palin Comparison
Sarah Palin is a pick to get excited about in more ways than one and the scientific community is united in that fact. It was refreshing that she didn't have to put Obama and Biden down in her speech, a class act that they can't return. The Obama-Biden camp scoffed that McCain wants to put the former mayor of a town of 9,000, with no foreign policy experience, a heartbeat from the Presidency. Never mind that Obama as a onetime state senator, who voted present on the tough bills, thinks his heart should beat with the title of that top job.
Hawkeye GOP: Sara Palin!
It's official! John McCain has chosen Alaska Governor Sarah Palin as his running mate. Palin is an excellent choice. She is young (44) and extremely popular in her home state. She is a reformer and a fiscal conservative. There had been some discussion that recent corruption in the Alaska Republican Party hurt her chances to be VP. In some ways the opposite may be true. Palin helped to bring many of these issues to light. She unseated an incumbent Republican governor in the 2006 primary and ran as an outsider to win the seat.
God, Politics and Rock 'n' Roll: Live-Blogging The McCain-Palin Announcement
She introduces husband Todd--they are celebrating their 20th anniversary today. "I promised him a little surprise for our anniversary and I hope he knows I've delivered." She talks about the son that is not there--he enlisted on September 11th last year--he will be deployed to Iraq on September 11. Michael Moore will be furious. The crowd chants "USA!" She's plain spoken and describes herself as a "hockey mom." She's doing great. She talks about standing up against the "good ol' boy network." That brings cheers. She's hitting her themes perfectly. Reforms, ethics, energy, reaching across the aisle, ending earmarks. "This is a man who serves his country, not just his party." She honors Geraldine Ferraro and Hillary Clinton--perfect. She says Clinton made cracks in the glass ceiling--it's time for women to shatter the glass.
Bleeding Heartland: I have just one question
If today is John McCain's birthday, why did he give us a present? I strongly disagree with the idea that Alaska Governor Sarah Palin is a game-changer for the Republicans. Hillary Clinton gave a strong endorsement of Barack Obama on Tuesday and will be out campaigning for him this fall. I'm supposed to believe that women who preferred Hillary in the Democratic primaries will flock to McCain, with his horrible record on women's issues, because a conservative woman is his running mate? I get the rationale for picking Palin, as laid out here by Chris Bowers and in a different way by Iowa blogger Douglas Burns. But McCain is staking his campaign on persuading Americans that Obama is "not ready to lead." I cannot see how it helps McCain to choose a running mate who is younger and less experienced than Obama. Palin has served less than two years as governor and before that was mayor of a town with fewer than 10,000 residents.
God, Politics and Rock 'n' Roll: VP picks as "gap-fillers"
People suggested last week, when Joe Biden was announced as Barack Obama's running mate, that his selection was an attempt by the Obama campaign to "fill a gap." ... Now we are going to hear the same things about Sarah Palin as John McCain's pick. First and foremost, we will hear that she fills a gap because she's young and a woman. It's suggested that her age will assuage some voters' concerns about McCain being, well, old. And many have argued that her gender will pull disaffected Hillary supporters into the McCain column. I think it's harder, though, for McCain and Palin to cast themselves as complementary candidates or a unified team. Their differences are so glaring that every image, every appearance, every photo will remind voters that McCain is old.
John Deeth blog: McCain-Palin
First thoughts: # Blatant play for the PUMA vote, but one way or another the white male club is broken on January 20. # Hurts the experience argument in a big big way: it's hard to argue Obama's not ready when your running mate was mayor of a small suburb two years ago. ...
iPol: Sarah Palin is the New Dan Quayle
Reports in the media this morning are that John McCain has selected a Right-wing no-name politician to be his running mate: Alaska Governor Sarah Palin. Two words: push over. Joe Biden will destroy Palin in a debate. McCain's choice is clearly a dog-whistle move to try to cement his right flank, and does nothing to address McCain's main liability of being in the pocket of oil companies and other corporate interests and out of touch with every day Americans.
Essential Estrogen: McCain poised to beat Palin's drum all the way to White House
It should come as no surprise then, when even the most staunch within the GOP are finding it difficult to be inspired by the party's candidate for our nation's highest office, that Arizona Sen. John McCain would reach out and tap an individual with a personal story loud enough to drown out the collapse of interstate bridges. Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, a former beauty queen, sports journalist, city councilor and mayor, is the mother of five children. She has three daughters: Bristol, 17, Willow, 13, and Piper, 7. She also has two sons. Her eldest son, Track, joined the Army last fall. Her youngest son, Trig, was born this past April and has Down Syndrome. ... Palin, as a woman with a compelling personal story, can provide McCain what no other individual could. Even at the cost of lowering the national conversation once again into divisive politics... even while publicly proclaiming his desire for armed conflict to continue for 100 years... McCain has gladly and gleefully grasped Palin's "pro-life" credentials as a last resort to motivate the previous supporters of Pres. George W. Bush to head to the polls in November.
Constitution Daily: Finally!
As an active volunteering conservative, I feel like I finally got a bone thrown my way by the McCain camp. He could have picked Ridge, Romney, Pawlenty, Lieberman or another establishment running mate. But McCain gave conservatives a reason to get out and work for him, not just against Obama. ... By choosing Palin as his running mate, McCain has leveled the political playing field. Obama is the first African American presidential nominee. Palin is the first female GOP running mate. McCain’s Achilles heel of age is neutralized by the youth and energy of Palin. Obama’s grey-haired DC insider running mate is opposed by a true change-agent who has changed the status quo.
Battleground Iowa: And Another Thing Feminists Should Like About Palin...
I’m hearing a lot of hubbub about this situation in Alaska with Palin’s former brother-in-law (her sister’s now ex-husband) who was an Alaska State Trooper. The “scandal” deals with an allegation that Palin or someone in her administration pressured the head of the Alaska Dept. of Public Safety to fire the trooper. The head of the Dept. of Public Safety was fired by Palin, supposedly, in part, because he didn’t comply and fire the bother-in-law trooper. Most mentions of this situation leave it there and don’t give more detail. However, I was reading Marc Ambinder, who had a post that mentions that this trooper may have been guilty of domestic violence, allegations that came out during the divorce from Palin’s sister. If a law enforcement officer was involved in domestic violence, he has no business being a law enforcement officer any longer. And if Palin, as chief executive officer of the state had information that this guy was a perpetrator of domestic violence, she would be derelict in her duty if she were to let such a scumbag remain in that position.
Krusty Konservative: It’s Palin!
Circle today on your calendar, it is the day that John McCain united his party by selecting Sarah Palin to serve as his Vice President. In Palin we have a fresh face for our party who has fought ethical violations by those in her own party. Her accomplishments in 2006 are astounding; she won election in by first defeating the incumbent governor in the Republican primary, then a former Democratic Alaskan governor in the general election. There are obvious reasons for McCain to pick Palin. Sure those disgruntled Hillary supporters may be even more inclined to support McCain after putting Palin on the ticket, but she’s also articulate, she hunts, owns a float plane, and rides snowmobiles and she is solidly pro-life.
Politically Speaking: McCain’s bold Palin pick
With the conclusion of the Democratic Party national convention and his fine speech last night, Barack Obama won’t be getting much bounce today. Republicans will hold their convention next week, and presumptive presidential nominee John McCain has changed the game this morning with his pick of Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin as his vice presidential partner. Seriously, I think the election is his to lose now. Reaction to her pick has been overwhelmingly (universally?) positive from Republicans, and Palin definitely has the ability to pull in independents — and some disgruntled Hillary Democratic supporters.
Price of Politics: Sarah Palin?
Why didn't I go with my gut? Wuss. I really felt John McCain might want to try to pit history vs. history. Barack Obama is working to become the first african-american prez. McCain could find a woman running mate and go for something similar. But repubs just don't seem to really have a lot of well-known female a governor. ... What's also interesting to me is that the McCain camp had been ripping on Obama's pick of Joe Biden. Supporters said it shows that Obama knows he's weak on experience and foreign policy and that's why he picked Biden. How can McCain now not get grilled for picking someone to help his possible "weaknesses"? McCain turns 72 today. He's been in Washington longer than many of Obama's supporters have been alive. Will he convince voters that Palin, who is now only a heartbeat away from the Oval Office, is ready? Social conservatives haven't been all that hot on McCain. Palin, once social cons get to know her, would seem to make them pretty happy.
In Flyover Country: VEEPstakes Ends with Palin as the Pick!
We In Flyover Country months ago were the first to report Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin as a viable, sure-fire pick, and have come to believe that this is the best choice Team McCain could have made. She's the entire package wrapped up in one - she's a fresh face (a runner-up 1984 Miss Alaska to boot!) and a true reformer. In just a short time, she has done more as governor than others can in a lifetime. She is rock solid on the socially conservative issues, but fiscal conservatives will also love the fact that she has thus far saved $5 billion in the state of Alaska, even humbly selling the state's jet. When she was mayor, she cut her own pay. ... One key factor here is, if there are any Clinton supporters still unsure of Barack after last night, they will NEVER flock to him. Barack hit a home run, and those who still aren't sure will most assuredly back McCain for president and his female vice presidential pick.

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