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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

John Deeth blog: Nagle: Convention Needs To Affirm Iowa's Place In Calendar

Excerpted from this post at John Deeth blog
Dave Nagle, former congressman and Iowa Democratic Party chair, says Barack Obama's recommendation to seat the Florida and Michigan delegations at full strength at this month's Democratic National Convention "can't be unexpected." But he believes the national convention needs to reaffirm the calendar that set Iowa first, and not revisit the calendar again "in our lifetime". ... [Nagle:] I mean, if they say to Michigan and Florida, all is forgiven, you're back, you're full members of the party, and by the way, you can go out in four years and try to defy us again, that'll be fine, then they haven't solved the problem, they've just postponed it. Deeth: So it sets a precedent of no consequences. Nagle: Yeah, it's defiance without consequences. But we shouldn't single them out -- four years from now it may be some other state.

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