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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Iowa True Blue: All FECed up

Excerpted from this post at Iowa True Blue

The Des Moines Register carried a small story today about the Federal
Election Commission having ruled 6-0 in my favor on a complaint lodged
against me last November. I hadn't ever written about the complaint
for three reasons: 1. The complaint was completely ridiculous and
unfounded. 2. I believe strongly in due process. We live in a great
country, where a citizen with a concern -- even if it's one others
judge ridiculous and unfounded -- can take his concern to our
government and have it investigated and acted upon. I did not want to
interfere, or even appear in any way to be interfering, with that
process. 3. After responding to the FEC last fall, I promptly forgot
all about it (it was that ridiculous and unfounded) until I received a
letter from the FEC last week with the ruling I had not violated
federal election laws.

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