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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Iowa Independent: McCain, Obama officials agree: Iowa is a battleground

Excerpted from this post at Iowa Independent

Democrats have 15-1 advantage in Iowa field staff ... While Sens. Barack
Obama and John McCain spend time at their party's conventions, making
their presidential pitches to a national audience, the real work to
make that a reality is taking place in battleground states like Iowa.
Sens. John McCain and Barack Obama are both counting on Iowa to help
deliver them to the White House. Both campaigns have invested heavily
in Iowa, and the top operatives for each side agree the outcome is
still very much up in the air. While the state seems to be trending
Democratic, recent polls show McCain making up ground as Election Day
draws near. "If we didn't think Iowa was important, if it wasn't a key
battleground for us, we wouldn't be putting a huge investment in TV,
radio and people on the ground," said Gentry Collins, Midwest regional
director for the McCain campaign.

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