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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Eastern Iowan Conservative: What a difference a year makes

Excerpted from this post at Eastern Iowan Conservative

I was looking at the calendar today, and today's date, August 11,
jumped out at me as being significant, though I couldn't quite put my
finger on why it was. Then, it dawned on me - one year ago today was
the Iowa Straw Poll, the Mardi Gras of the Republican Party of Iowa.
It's hard to think back at how much the GOP political landscape has
changed within a year's time. Last year, John McCain essentially had
thrown in the proverbial towel in this state, looking instead at other
early states such as New Hampshire that he actually had a chance of
winning. Rudy Giuliani saw the same writing on the wall and followed
McCain's strategy albeit with much different results. A year ago
today, Mitt Romney was spending like a fiend while Mike Huckabee
pinched his pennies so tight that Ebenezer Scrooge would consider him

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