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Monday, August 25, 2008

Constitution Daily: Stuck on stupid

Excerpted from this post at Constitution Daily

Members of Iowa's delegation to the Republican National Convention
received an email from the delegation chair and co-chair Friday.
Constitution Daily was forwarded the email and here it is for you to
read. "We have vacancies in our delegation. Rule No. 17 of the
Republican Party (as adopted by the 2004 Republican National
Convention)for the 2008 Republican National Convention permits the
delegates to fill the vacancies. We propose the following names to
fill vacancies." ... Immediately alarm bells began going off across the
state, emails began flying, and dust we hoped was settled is stirred
as though a cyclone struck. And we have to ask, what was Scheffler
thinking? First of all, you need a flowchart and PhD in organizational
communications to unravel the delegate and alternate swapping outlined
in the email.


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