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Friday, August 22, 2008

Battleground Iowa: Obama stabbing Iowans in the back

Excerpted from this post at Battleground Iowa

After Yepsen's article yesterday saying that the only hope of Iowa keeping its first in the nation caucus status is if Obama wins, there are several news reports out now to the contrary. First, there needs to be some clarification. Ds and Rs don't have to have their primaries/caucuses on the same day. There were several states this last primary season whose parties held their events on separate days. So, what the Dems do doesn't necessarily affect the Republicans and vice versa. As I mentioned yesterday, the R calendar for 2012 is supposedly set, and just needs rubber-stamp approval at the September convention. If McCain wins, I don't see why he would care which state is first. Either he's only going to serve for one term and not care what happens in 2012, or he'll be an incumbent president with no serious primary/caucus challengers in 2012 anyways.

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