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Monday, July 21, 2008

The Real Sporer: Convention reform

Excerpted from this post at The Real Sporer

As all of our regular readers know, there has been a lot of Internet
and real chatter and conflict about the proper purpose, function and
authority of our state conventions committees. What all the conflict
demonstrates with greatest clarity is the need to reform and improve
our convention process. TRS submits the following starting point for
that reform. District Conventions. Our existing five, and probably
four in the future, Congressional District Executive Committees are
grossly underutilized. Any real hope for party reform begins with
reactivating the District Committees. One crucial function of such
committees is running their share of the caucus to convention process.
The district committees can easily be given a schedule and a budget by
the SCC and otherwise be left entirely to their own devices as to how
each district runs its convention.


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