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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Iowa Guy 2.0: This is your congressman (Live and in person, sort of)

Excerpted from this post at Iowa Guy 2.0

Last night, we were settling in to watch Countdown on MSNBC when the
phone rang. The caller ID displayed an area code I was not immediately
familiar with. I almost ignored the call, but decided to see what it
was. A recorded voice told me that I was being invited to participate
in a live "Telecom Town Hall Meeting" with Congressman Steve King (R -
Appalling). After warning me that the system would hold my phone line
hostage for close to a minute after hanging up (I presume to lock in
on our address while the troops are dispatched) I was transferred to a
virtual conference call with the congressman talking to constituents,
one at a time. In very short order, it became apparent that I had been
invited to the wrong party.


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