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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Iowa Defense Alliance: Culver has a plan????

Excerpted from this post at Iowa Defense Alliance

I was scanning my morning email when the title to a news article
caught my attention. The article in the Sioux City Journal is titled
"Culver: Flood recovery won't force other cutbacks". Now I am sitting
here at my computer thinking, okay then if we need more money for the
flood recovery efforts where is it going to come from. Then I dig into
the article some more and come across the information that he will not
cutback on some of Iowa's new spending programs. Hmm. I am thinking
what is he planning to do? Perhaps he is planning on raising taxes, we
know that Culver just loves to raise taxes, he is a good little
Democrat that way. After all we have been hearing rumblings that he
wanted to raise the gas tax to help pay for the necessary recovery
efforts. Just a little bit further in the article Culver ruled out
that possibility.


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