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Thursday, July 17, 2008

God, Politics and Rock 'n' Roll: McCain makes gain; causes Obama pain

Excerpted from this post at God, Politics and Rock 'n' Roll

The "topline" result of a national Presidential poll doesn't really
tell us much. The presidential race is won state-by-state through the
electoral college. But national media organizations don't have the
money to poll each state individually. So they do a national poll and
report the top line -- who is leading whom. However, you CAN learn
some things by studying the "crosstabs" -- the internal numbers broken
down by demographic group. And they aren't good for Obama -- his
enormous lead among crucial independent voters has dropped from 22
points to THREE. Obama only has a 44 to 40 edge in who is better to
handle the economy -- and is tied on that issue among independents.

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