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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Real Sporer: Wayne Ford promotes cultural apartheid

Excerpted from this post at The Real Sporer

It sounds like Wayne Ford's has again waived the racism flag about the
State Fair. Rep. Ford is back in the news just two weeks after his
outburst that Des Moines' flood control system is racially biased so
as to leave Des Moines' blacker and poorer neighborhoods vulnerable.
Rep. Ford thought he had an opportunity to race bait of Katrina
proportions on his hands. It turned out that Iowans' weren't buying
that nonsense so Rep. Ford has found a new source by which to peddle
the politics of division. Rep. Ford thinks the State Fair musical
entertainment is too white, a complaint he has raised in the past.
Apparently, Rep. Ford believes that some form of quota is necessary
for the entertainment fare at the Fair although he never says what
value is thereby served. Apparently only the race of the performer is

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