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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Iowa Political Alert: Hubler: Fighting domestic abuse a 'family values' issue

Excerpted from this post at BLOGNAME

Western Iowa Democratic congressional candidate Rob Hubler says
domestic abuse services in this part of the state have been depleted
more than in other sections of the Hawkeye State. Hubler, a retired
Presbyterian minister from Council Bluffs, is framing this as a
"family values" issue in his race against U.S. Rep. Steve King,
R-Kiron. "In my first pastorate, twenty years ago, I anticipated I
would be marrying, counseling, burying, and generally guiding the
flock in the church," Hubler said. "I knew even in 1988 that the rural
economy is always a challenge to those that live there. I knew that
life always presents problems that test daily living. What I never
expected was the frequency that I encountered relationships involving
physical and mental abuse situations."


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