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Thursday, June 19, 2008

FromDC2Iowa: To live like a Republican you have to vote like a Democrat

Excerpted from this post at FromDC2Iowa

Unions and Iowa's Economic Growth... A Republican friend of mine and I
have a good number of disagreements on public policy -- along with a
surprising number of agreements. My friend is very hostile towards
unions. I am not. But the other day they were arguing that not only
were unions bad for the country, they are also bad for workers, for
whom they've never done anything but take union dues and keep corrupt
officers in power. Today's topic involves both a confirmation and a
confession of error. I have often written here of the hypocrisy and
inconsistency of those Iowa leaders who simultaneously (a) bemoan the
departure of Iowa's best and brightest for greener pastures and search
for ways to retain them, while (b) continuing Iowa's hostile,
anti-union practices.

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