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Thursday, June 05, 2008

Eastern Iowa Conservative: Reed wins

Excerpted from this post at Eastern Iowa Conservative

Congratulations are in order for Christopher Reed, who secured the GOP
Senate nomination, pending a possible recount at the request of George
Eichhorn. Many are complaining about this, but it is certainly within
Mr. Eichhorn's rights to do so according to Iowa election law should
he choose, due to the closeness of the race. Where do we go from here?
No matter what happens in regards to a recount, Reed needs to look
straight ahead and not give it a whole lot of thought. The guy has
some serious catch-up to do. Now between you and me and the wall, I
think we all know that Reed will never catch up to the dollar amount
in Harkin's war chest. That doesn't mean though that he shouldn't go
out there and at least act like he can.

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