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Monday, May 05, 2008

John Deeth Blog: Iowa Dem chair Brennan remains committed to being uncommitted

Excerpted from this post at John Deeth Blog

"I honestly haven't decided when I'll say something," Iowa Democratic
Party chair Scott Brennan told party activists in Iowa City Sunday. As
party chair, Brennan is also a national convention superdelegate, and
he and Senator Tom Harkin are the only two Iowa superdelegates who are
still uncommitted. "I'm a Pollyanna but I still have some hope that
after we finish on June 3rd, in the next couple weeks after that we'll
have some clarity, and I'll never have to make that decision," said
Brennan. Part of Brennan's reticence is his wish to protect Iowa's
first in the nation role. "Part of the reason I think Iowa remains
first and why we attract candidates is that we been an honest broker,"
he said.


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