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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Iowa Progress: Fallon against clean energy research

Excerpted from this post at Iowa Progress

In an interview the other day, Ed Fallon stated "if coal interests
want to research clean coal technology and carbon sequestration they,
not the tax-payers, should fund the research." This is a noble
statement based on a belief in renewable energy and a green future.
Unfortunately it's not based on reality. The most ambitious goal for
renewable energy involves Americans getting 20% from our energy from
renewable sources in the next 20 years. So where do we get the
remaining 80% of our energy? While natural gas is relatively clean, it
is a commodity that cannot be transported across oceans. The U.S.
currently gets about 25% of its energy from natural gas. This leaves
55% of our energy to be accounted for and three possibilities, coal,
oil and nuclear energy.


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