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Thursday, May 29, 2008

God, Politics, and Rock 'n' Roll: "Unelected judges" as straw men

Excerpted from this post at God, Politics, and Rock 'n' Roll

Opponents of gay marriage (including one of our friends and frequent
commenters here at GPRR) often criticize "unelected judges" like Polk
County's Robert Hanson and the justices of the California Supreme
Court for overriding the will of the people. While public opinion
seems to be changing in California (and presumably elsewhere), calls
to "let the voters decide" don't make sense, for several reasons.
First, many judges are, in fact, elected, or at least retained in
office by the public. That's the case in California and here in Iowa.
Judge Hanson will be up for retention in 2010, and some activists are
hoping to unseat him. Second, and more importantly, the maligned and
feared "activist judge" legislating from the bench is a straw man.


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