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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Battleground Iowa: Reckoning in Postville

Excerpted from this post at Battleground Iowa

There is an immigration raid occurring at the Agriprocessors Inc.
complex in Postville, Iowa (i.e. the kosher meat packing plant). There
has been speculation for weeks that an immigration raid was in the
works somewhere in Eastern Iowa due to the fact that the feds had
leased the entire Waterloo Cattle Congress grounds for several weeks
and were not answering any question as to the reason for the lease.
Reports state that at least 700 arrests are likely. Government
officials are also saying that they are trying to take care of any
health and child care issues the arrestees might have (likely to avoid
the publicity nightmare they faced after the Marshalltown raid). But
I'm wondering how many illegals will cop to having kids when they're
being asked about it by federal agents.


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