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Thursday, May 01, 2008

Battleground Iowa: A Lesson for the Legislature from the Voters of Polk Co.

Excerpted from this post at Battleground Iowa

No New Courthouse for Polk Co. ... A ballot measure that would have
raised property taxes in Polk County to get the $132 million needed
for a new Polk County Courthouse (and renovations to the old one)
failed by a wide margin yesterday. In order to be approved, the
measure needed to pass with 60% of the vote. Instead, it failed, with
the "no" votes taking 57%. I had mixed feelings about this. Tax
increases suck, but I can see the need for more space, and the idea of
keeping the criminal stuff separate also appeals to me. There's
nothing like going to pay a traffic ticket and having a guy in a
striped jumpsuit and cuffs sit next to you while you wait to be

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