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Friday, May 16, 2008

24 Hour Dorman: Postville

Excerpted from this post at 24 Hour Dorman

The sprawling Agriprocessors packing plant on the outskirts of town is
imposing and intimidating even if you don't know about the
jaw-dropping lawlessness our government says went on inside these
fences. Knowing sends a chill up your back. So it's probably lucky you
can't stay long. Tuesday, a stern, but polite, woman told Gazette
video journalist Mike Barnes and myself to leave, pronto. Fair enough.
Nothing to see. No one's talking. But there was plenty to see
elsewhere. There was St. Bridget's Catholic parish near downtown,
where dozens of plant workers and their families milled around inside
the church and outside in the courtyard. Many here have family members
among the 390 plant workers detained by federal immigration officials
at Monday's historic raid.


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