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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Iowa Progress: Fallon Sleaze Hurts Fundraising

Excerpted from this post at Iowa Progress

While the top of Ed Fallon's balance sheet shows a very solid
fundraising quarter, the details hide a sad truth. Fallon's ethics
woes have hurt him badly among potential donors. Fallon's credibility
gap over issues related to I'M for Iowa has led to fewer and fewer
donors trusting him. While Fallon claimed 2,082 total donors for the
quarter, almost 80% of them wrote their checks before mid-February. In
the last six weeks of the quarter, Fallon's fundraising slowed to a
trickle. The result is that Fallon has already spent nine out of every
ten dollars that he has raised and, after counting for outstanding
debts, he has less than $3000 available to spend on the last 90 days
of his campaign. If Fallon's fundraising continues to dry up, he won't
have enough money to meet his payroll, let alone pay himself through
"the Fallon loophole."

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