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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Woodbury Democrat: Poor little Congressman Steve King

Excerpted from this post at The Woodbury Democrat

One has to give Steve King credit... He certainly knows how to turn his
own gratuitous insults into an opportunistic chance to claim personal
victimization. Why, King asks, do those pesky Liberals time and again
misinterpret what he says for "political purposes?" In reference to
his latest incivility, King now claims he wasn't really trying to
insult Obama when he boldly claimed that the terrorists would be
dancing in the streets if Obama was elected president, or that Obama's
middle name would send a welcome message to the terrorists, or even
when he implicitly equated an Obama inauguration with the attacks of
9/11. No, according to our poor misunderstood Congressman, all he
wanted to do was make a larger point about the need to persevere and
be forceful in the fight against terrorism.

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