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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Essential Estrogen: Leadership tickled pink by potential female surge

Excerpted from this post at Essential Estrogen

Roughly a week before the final primary filing period ended, the state
legislative races were number-crunched in relation to gender. At that
snapshot in time, it seemed that Iowa might, at best, maintain its
mediocre record in terms of percentage of women serving in Des Moines.
What a difference a week can make. While it's difficult to craft a
political crystal ball in the best circumstances, the primary filings,
based on their sheer numbers, are good news for women, and that's
something that has leadership in both political parties optimistic. A
total of 34 women currently serve in the Iowa Legislature. There are
28 women in the House and six in the Senate. Percentagewise, that
places Iowa at 23 percent -- roughly the national average.


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