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Friday, February 08, 2008

Radio Iowa: Harkin suggests Clinton campaign may be "running on fumes"

Excerpted from this post at Radio Iowa

Senator Tom Harkin talked with Iowa reporters by phone this morning. Here's the roughly two-and-a-half minute mp3/audio file of his commentary on the Clinton campaign. Here Harkin is transcribed: "Well, I agree with our chairman Howard Dean. I sure hope this gets settled before we go to convention. That'd be very late. That'd be at the end of August. We've never had anything that late before we've had a candidate. So I don't know, I think, you know, looking at Super Tuesday, things came out pretty even. Now, again, I'm not a real expert in this but just listening to the pundits and sort of reading what I can on it it looks as though the calendar for this month favors Obama."

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