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Monday, February 25, 2008

The Demo Memo: Ralph Nader: As Irrelevant Now As Ever

Excerpted from this post at The Demo Memo

Ralph Nader has decided to run for President AGAIN. Nader is perhaps
the most egotistical and tone-deaf person on earth. In a year when
democrats have perhaps the most exciting nominees in decades, each
with truly democratic messages and promise of real change, Nader's
announcement strikes me as particularly disingenuous. As we all know,
Nader was the spoiler who ran in 2000, who many (dis) credit as
causing the now disastrous presidency of George Bush. Even though I
believe there was a clear choice between Al Gore and George Bush in
2000, Mr. Nader had every right to propose a different opinion back
then. All of this was at the tail end of the era when a personality
was all you needed to win (Bush).

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