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Monday, February 04, 2008

Ben and Bawb's Blog: More political choice for Iowans

Excerpted from this post at Ben and Bawb's Blog

Well, it's official. You're now reading the rantings of a registered
Libertarian kook. It took a lawsuit filed by the ACLU of Iowa to get
it done, but Iowans can now register as Libertarian or Green Party
members. Unwilling to let go of the old political duopoly completely,
the two newest parties are technically referred to as "Non-Party
Political Organizations" on the official voter registration form.
Really the Libertarian and Green Parties make good opposing bookends
on each side of the two Republicrat Parties. Now that neither of the
major parties is advancing small government principles, the
Libertarian Party gives an option for those who still believe in those

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